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News for Prospect Place

News for Prospect Place

Resident Lounge

Posted On: 9/7/2022

Need to take a break? Come to our resident lounge; you’re bound to find something fun to do here!

Apartment Amenities

Posted On: 8/30/2022

Step outside, close your eyes, and breathe in the fresh air. The best part? You don’t have to leave your home — Prospe...

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Last Days of Summer

Posted On: 8/22/2022

Don’t forget to make the most of this summer – or what’s left of it! Come spend some time in our swimming pool and soak ...

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Spanish-speaking Staff

Posted On: 8/19/2022

Did you know our professional staff speaks both English and Spanish? This way, they ensure a gratifying experience in yo...

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Pet-Friendly Apartments

Posted On: 8/16/2022

Even your pet agrees: Prospect Place is the perfect place to rest!

Beautiful Landscapes

Posted On: 8/10/2022

The grass is green on BOTH SIDES at Prospect Place! Life in our community comes with a touch of natural beauty.

Walk-in Closets

Posted On: 8/8/2022

Upgrade your wardrobe without worrying about space. Our walk-in closets have enough room for a new season worth of cloth...

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Happy International Beer Day!

Posted On: 8/5/2022

There’s no better way to end this week than with a cold one.

Let our photo gallery take you on a virtual tour!

Posted On: 8/4/2022

Check out every corner of our community, including the shared lounge area with a billiards table (we know you’ll be spen...

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Any Plans?

Posted On: 7/28/2022

Are you spending the upcoming weekend…? Feeling the grass under your feet, Taking a dip in the pool, Traveling s...

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