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News for Prospect Place

News for Prospect Place

A Home for Everything You Want

Posted On: 7/26/2022

Our apartments are built for modern living. The living rooms are perfect for entertaining, the kitchens come are equippe...

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Stay fit in our Fitness Center

Posted On: 7/15/2022

Are you ready to hit the gym? Remember to include warm-ups AND stretching into your workout routine, to prevent any inju...

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Home is...

Posted On: 7/13/2022

Home is where a furry friend greets you by the door and you know exactly where the comfiest spot to take a nap is.

Independence Day

Posted On: 7/4/2022

Happy 4th of July to all residents! We hope you have an amazing day celebrating with friends and family.

Stay cool.

Posted On: 6/30/2022

Resident status: cool! And it’s probably thanks to our air conditioners, which keep your apartment at the right temperat...

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Focusing on self-care.

Posted On: 6/27/2022

Although the weekend is gone, it’s never too early to plan for the next one. How does a Saturday by the pool sound? You ...

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The perfect cooking spaces.

Posted On: 6/24/2022

Are you ready to show everyone your cooking skills? Impress your guests with spaghetti or a fancy filet mignon while our...

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Happy Summer Solstice!

Posted On: 6/21/2022

It’s officially the first day of summer and the longest day of the year! How do you plan on making it special?

A place where you can unwind.

Posted On: 6/17/2022

Resident-dedicated lounges make each day at Prospect Place unique. Just come downstairs and chat with a neighbor, have a...

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Local Baked Goods

Posted On: 6/13/2022

Monday mornings set the tone for the week ahead, so start it off right with baked goods from Coffee Break. This Italian ...

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