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News for Prospect Place

News for Prospect Place

Italian Cuisine at Your Door

Posted On: 08/31/2021

The taste of Italian cuisine is brought to your doorstep by Maggiano's, offering delicious pasta meals, seafood delicaci...

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Modern Aesthetics

Posted On: 08/26/2021

Part of our community’s charm lies in its sleek and modern architectural design. Check out more pictures!

Floor Plans

Posted On: 08/24/2021

Besides comfort and efficiency, the layouts of our apartments boast diversity. Check out our 18 different floor plans an...

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Good Company

Posted On: 08/16/2021

Pets are the best partners for daily exercises! They will try their hardest and join you for a nap afterwards.

Spooky Fridays

Posted On: 08/13/2021

Friday the 13th is only scary if it starts without a good cup of coffee. You get extra luck if you enjoy it on your rela...

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Exquisite Flooring

Posted On: 08/11/2021

Hardwood-style flooring has a beauty of its own – a beauty that reminds of nature, strength, and durability.

International Friendship Day

Posted On: 07/30/2021

Today we celebrate the many shapes of friendship. Send your best friends a hug or a nice message during this Internation...

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Hackensack's Attractions

Posted On: 07/27/2021

See how quick you can say “Hey, I thought this would be easier” when facing the challenges of an Escape Room just a few ...

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Friendly Staff

Posted On: 07/22/2021

Our English and Spanish speaking staff is always ready to lend a hand. Nuestro personal habla inglés & español y está ...

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Spacious Interiors

Posted On: 07/19/2021

Staying inside doesn’t sound too bad when you have up to 1,460 square feet of space, does it?